City of Hull Boxing Club "About Us". Our formation, our objectives and goals and the key people that make this club successful. 

Quote from our Founder

"We are a family based club, that believes in teaching quality boxing, important life skills such as discipline, self respect while building self esteem, all of which are vital to development. We treat everyone equaly and farely while invest in potential. Success is a jouney, not a destination". Mike Gibbons (Founder Chairman)

The club was founded by Mike Gibbons (Pictured) on the 18th November 2008, the club was formed in the former gym of Humberside Police Boy Club on Elm Avenue, Garden Village in the east of Hull. There as a great need for a boxing club in this part of the city and Mike had the technical know how on how to set up and sustain a club given that his previous club he co-founded with friend Gordon Haigh, this club is still going today (Hull Saints ABC) and Gordon remains in charge there.

Mike is well known and respected in the sport had the key contacts to help the club get set up very quickly, despite starting off from scratch and building a club from the floor, he had to invest his own time and money a great deal to pull together his dream, a championship winning boxing club. Supported by his 2 sons Ryan who was then 11 years old, and Liam who was only 8 years old, his wife Wendy and support from the Yorkshire ABA, Mike was able to transform this empty space that used to be full of hustle and bustle of a vibrant boxing gymnasium into the home HQ of his boxing club, which did not have a name at that time.

Hull City had just been promoted to the premier league for the very first time under Head Coach Phil Brown following the "Wonder Goal" from Dean Windas at Wembley, so when thinking of the name of the boxing club, Mike's initial thoughts was Hull City Boxing Club and have the club in black and amber, further consideration was made and it was thought that we would have been jumping on the band wagon and holding onto the tail coat of Hull City had we chosen that as a name. So a rethink was needed.

Wendy suggested 'City of Hull', Mike dismissed the name to start with as it reminded him of the Athletics club in the city, and thought it may be deemed as stealing their name, however this was an amateur boxing club and the name had a real ring to it (pardon the pun), so it was Friday 18th November 2008 City of Hull Amateur Boxing Club was born. With only 2 boxers (Ryan & Liam) running around this spacious gym, trained by their dad this family club was formed and Mike was soon joined by Andy Ali who joined Mike as a coach.

Soon the word got out, and youngsters from across the city started to walk through the door and established boxers too joined the club, with in 12 weeks of opening the club boasted a 60 plus membership, more and more people came on board to assist the running of the club, Amanda Ali (Andy's wife), Gina Hardesty, Lorna Vernon to name just a few. It was across this time when Mike teamed up with former boxer Danny Thompson and Bob Beautyman who joined the club as a qualified Personal Trainer the pair formed a friendship and business partnership that is still going strong today some 10 years plus later.

The club built and built Ryan Gibbons threw the very first competive punch in the championship ring in the 2010/11 season and despite not winning that particular bout, he went on to become one of the clubs longest standing boxers ever. Charlie Payton lifted the Class A 57kg Senior Novice Championship after a string of amazing performances, Alex Sutton joined the club in an attempt to follow suit and he did much later in 2013.

In 2012 the club was of such a size it needed more space and times to train and this is when the risky decision to move was taken. The current trustees wanted too much money from the club to stay at the Elm Avenue base, it was decided we would move to North Hull, albeit a much smaller venue on 1st Avenue, it would be the home of the club for the next 6 years, 2 more National Title wins, 3 National finals, mulitple Yorkshire titles and representives. The club was now established. Paul Dolan joined the club and has stuck with us ever since.

Mike's dream was still not complete however, yes the club was successful and was starting to win national titles the first club to do so since St Pauls ran the show for so many years, his dream was much bigger and in 2014 officially announced of the purpose built gym plans with bistro and education suite, in 2016 his dream became a reality. After securing an incredible £259,000.00 grant from Sport England and a further £100k from Hull City Council the City of Hull Boxing Club now had a state of the art home.

Today the club is based out of what used to be the old customer service center on Orchard Park Road, now a thriving community facility bigger that they had a Elm Avenue. You could safely say the boxers, committee and Mike had produced something quite special. Today the club has a membership of around 130 boxers each week all train daily, parent involvement and a 11 person strong committee that will take the club into the next 10 years. The club is exceptionally proud of our history and we look forward to our future.